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The main purpose of ‘Northumbrian Families’ is genealogical research in the UK but we realise that it can be important for you to see photographs of where your ancestors came from.

If your area of interest is the North East of England we may be able to help you.

We are located near Amble and are able to travel over a 30 mile radius. We will try to locate headstones or houses but we cannot guarantee that we will find what you are looking for as some may no longer exist.

Tell us what images you require and several photographs will be taken.

Amble and five mile radius £4.00
5 to 15 mile radius £ 12.00
15 to 30 miles £24.00
plus £12 for photographs etc.

Photographs will be taken on receipt of payment via cheque or postal order. If using an international money order please add £10.00 to cover our bank charges.

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